The Soul of Flies (2012) | El Alma de Las Moscas
Jul 10, 2012
80mins.   .  Spanish with English subtitles.  Comedy Drama Magical Realism describes an aesthetic style that blends fantasy elements with the real world so they seem almost natural.  Woody Allen used...
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Comes A Bright Day (2012)
Jul 9, 2012
Director: Simon Aboud Cast: Timothy Spall, Craig Roberts, Imogen Poots, Kevin McKidd 104min     Britflic heist drama  UK With all the promise of a fake Rolex and none of satisfaction of the...
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A Simple Life (2012)
Jul 9, 2012
Director  Ann Hui  Cast   Andy Lau, Deannie Yip, Sui-Man Chim 118mins     Hong-King director, Ann Hui's tender and touching true story of life-time dedication between successful producer Roger Leung (Andy...
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Detachment (2012)
Jul 7, 2012
Director: Tony Kaye Cast: Adrien Brody, Blythe Danner, Christina Hendricks, James Caan, Lucy Liu, Marcia Gaye Harden. 97mins  Drama [youtube id="opdb_SHRJ8k" width="600" height="350"] Stuck in the middle of a dysfunctional Long Island school where...
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In The Dark Half (2012)
Jul 4, 2012
Director:  Tony Siddons Cast: Tony Curran, Lyndsey Marshal, Jessica Barden 87mins     Fantasy drama It's difficult to make a horror story that's rooted in plausible reality but Alastair Siddon has succeeded here...
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Seven Days in Havana (2012) Siete Dias en La Habana
Jul 1, 2012
Directors:  Benecio del Toro/Laurent Cantet   Writers: Laurent Cantet and others Pablo Trapero, Julio Medem, Elia Sulieman, Gaspar Noe, Juan Carlos Tabio, Laurent Cantet. 120mins,   Drama Seven directors offer up their cinematic...
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King of Devil’s Island (2012)
Jun 29, 2012
                            Director:  Marius Holst Cast: Stellen Skarsgârd, Kristoffer Joner, Benjamin Helstad, Trond Nilssen Norwegian with Subtitles  115mins   Action Drama                Nobody does sinister baddy quite like Stellen...
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Open City Docs Festival 2012
Jun 26, 2012
OPEN CITY DOCS FEST WRAPS WITH RECORD AUDIENCE AND ANNOUNCES AWARD WINNERS   The second edition of London’s biggest documentary festival, Open City Docs Fest  (June 21-24), sponsored by UCL, wrapped last night...
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Dark Horse (2012)
Jun 22, 2012
Director: Todd Solondz Cast: Christopher Walken, Mia Farrow, Justin Bartha, Jordan Gelber, Selma Blair 84mins  Dark Comedy of social misfits Tod Solondz's characters have a habit of making you skirm in your seat....
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