Korean Film Festival

Film Memories from Korea: Five of the Best
Feb 21, 2021
Sweet Dream (Lullaby of Death) (1936) Yang Ju-Nam One of the few lost films from the Japanese colonial era (1910-45) that has been rediscovered in recent years tells the story of...
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Songs from the North (2014) **** London Korean Film Festival 2019
Nov 12, 2019
Dir.: Yoo Soon-Mi; Documentary; South Korea/USA/Portugal 2014, 72 min. Born 1962 in South Korea, Yoo Soon-Mi studied in the USA, where she now lectures at MassArt in Massachusetts. This is only...
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London Korean Film Festival 2019
Nov 2, 2019
The London Korean Film Festival (LKFF 18th-24th November 2019) this highlights the historic milestone of 100-years of Korean cinema along with an exciting mix of UK and International premieres, guests and events...
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The Seashore Village (1965) **** London Korean Film Festival 2019
Nov 1, 2019
Dir.: Kim Soo-yong; Cast: Shin Young-kyun, Ko Eun-ah-I Hwang Jung-soon; South Korea 1965, 91 min. The Seashore Village was the thirty-forth film of prolific director Kim Soo-yong, who made 109 features...
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Treeless Mountain (2008) *** London Korean Film Festival 2018
Nov 4, 2018
NA-NOO-COBS-NEUN-SAN Dir.: So-yong Kim; Cast: Hee Yeon Kim, Songhe Kim, Lee Soo Ah, Mi-hyang Kim, Boon Tak Park; USA/South Korea 2008, 89 min. Two young children are passed around like parcels in So-yong...
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For Vagina’s Sake (2017) London Korean Film Festival 2018 ***
Nov 3, 2018
Dir: Kim Bo-ram | S. Korean Doc | 73' FOR VAGINA'S SAKE takes a coyly humorous approach to a bodily function that happens to half the world's population. A woman will...
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Microhabitat (2017) **** London Korean Film Festival 2018
Nov 2, 2018
Dir.: Jeon Go-woon; Cast: Esom, Ahn jae-hong, Choi Deok-moon, Kang Jin-ah, Kim kuk-hee, Kim Jae-hwa, Lee Sung wook; South Korea 2017, 104 min. Jeon Go-woon's spirited road movie sees a city...
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The Return (2018) | **** London Korean Film Festival
Nov 2, 2018
Dir: Malene Choi | Writer: Sissel Dalsgaard Thomsen | With Thomas Hwan, Karoline Sofie Lee | Doc | Denmark | 85' Two Danish-Korean adoptees return for the first time to the...
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London Korean Film Festival 2018
Oct 29, 2018
Launching its 13th edition, the London Korean Film Festival (LKFF2018) is back with a full programme of films and special events at various arthouse cinemas in the London area.  Korea is...
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