Korean Film Festival

Return to Seoul (2022)
May 4, 2023
Wri/Dir: Davy Chou | Drama, 115′ French Cambodian director Davy Chou has made a name for himself with his unique cinematic gaze on Cambodia and its people. His graceful prize-winning feature...
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Kanaval: A People’s History of Haiti in Six Chapters (2022)
Nov 15, 2022
Dir.: Leah Gordon, Eddie Hutton Mills; Narrated by Adescar Sanil, Madame Raymonde Bellevue, Georges Marshall, Ronald Bellevue, Lauture Joseph Joissant, Frantzo Jean; UK/Haiti 2022, 78 min. British documentary filmmakers Leah Gordon...
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Hansan: Rising Dragon (2021 | London Korean Film Festival 2022
Nov 8, 2022
Dir:Kim Han-min | Cast:Park Hae-il, Byun Yo-han, Ahn Sung-ki | 129 mins | 2021 | South Korea Hot on the heels of The Admiral: Roaring Currents, a naval warfare blockbuster that remains...
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Gyeong-Ah’s Daughter (2021) London Korean Film Festival 2022
Nov 8, 2022
Dir.: Jung-eun Kim; Cast: Kim Jung-Young, Ha Yoon-Kyung, Kim Woo Kyum, Kim Woo Kyum, Lee Chae Kyung; Republic of Korea 2022, 117 min. Family relationships are complex and the transition between...
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A Lonely Island in the Distant Sea (2021) London Korean Film Festival 2022
Nov 5, 2022
Dir: Kim Mi-young | Cast: Park Jong-hwan, Lee Yeon, Kang Kyung-hun, Park Hyun-suk 110 mins | 2021 | South Korea Life is what happens when you're making plans is very much the...
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Come Come Come Upward (1989) London Korean Film Festival 2022
Nov 4, 2022
Dir:Im Kwon-taek | Cast: Kang Soo-yeo, Jin Yeong-mi, Yu In-chon, Han Ji-il, Chon Moo-song | 120 mins | 1989 | South Korea South Korean director Im Kwon-taek, now nearly ninety, is possibly...
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Hot in Day, Cold at Night (2021) London Korean Film festival 2022
Nov 3, 2022
Dir: Park Song-yeol | Cast: Park Song-yeol, Won Hyang-ra | 90 mins | South Korea Hot in Day, Cold at Night might look from its plot summary to be a depressing tale...
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London Korean Film Festival 2022
Nov 1, 2022
The London Korean Film Festival is back to celebrate its 17th year from 3 November - 17 November 2022, featuring 35+ cinema screenings in leading venues around London. The London Korean Film...
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Film Memories from Korea: Five of the Best
Feb 21, 2021
Sweet Dream (Lullaby of Death) (1936) Yang Ju-Nam One of the few lost films from the Japanese colonial era (1910-45) that has been rediscovered in recent years tells the story of...
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