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The Guest (2018) ***

Dir.: Duccio Chiarini; Cast: Daniele Parisi, Sylvia d’Amico, Mivia Marigliano, Sergio Peirattini, Daniele Natali, Thony, Anna Bellato; Italy 2018, 93 min.

Duccio Chiarini’s portrait of Italian middle-class malaise is familiar all over Western Europe. Thirtysomethings show a depressing lack of commitment – particularly the men. What starts as a romcom rapidly dives into melancholy meditation on modern life.

We meet wannabe write and occasional substitute teacher Guido (Parisi), naked between the legs of his girl friend Chiara (d’Amico). Clearly copulation has taken place, and Guido is looking for the burst condom. After finding it, Guido votes they should go for a baby, rather than the ‘morning after’ pill – knowing full well that Chiara is opposed to the idea: ”I have to have done something with my life before having a child”. And it’s true, neither of them has a good job, despite Chiara’s two MAs, her stint as a tour guide, and Guido’s book on Calvino, which is still waiting for publication. Nothing seems to work in their relationship either: the car is broken down, but there’s no money to repair it. And Guido’s mother (Marigliano) is still buying his underwear, as Chiara points out, although he’s pushing forty. Chiara is considering a decent offer in Canada but is unsure how to broach the topic.  And this is the beginning of the end of their relationship, because Guido suspects that Chiara is seeing another man.

The focus then changes to Guido, who becomes the hero: sofa-surfing with his parents and various friends, and stalking Chiara in the meantime. His mates aren’t faring any better. Dario (Natali) has fallen in love with another woman and is about to leave girl friend Roberta (Thony), a cardiologist. “We met via Tinder”, is Dario’s lame excuse, telling Guido to have a look at Chiara’s emails. Pietro and the pregnant Lucia (Bellato), are more negative than happy about their baby, and Lucia is competing with Guido for a literary grant. This is modern life, according to Guido’s mother: “You throw away, we mend”.

Guido and his generation see relationships and careers as transient. Self-obsessed, the men in particular, fail to grow up or even learn from their mistakes. Chiarini is an insightful observer, and DoP Baris Ozbicer’s camera finds always new angles for the emotional distress of the protagonists. Overall, the feature is more entertaining than philosophical, the director too well-meaning to produce anything with sharp edges. AS




FASHION IN FILM FESTIVAL London 10-19 May 2013

FIFF celebrates  its fourth year with an excting array of films  from 10-19 May in four locations around London. Showcasing the common ground shared by the creative industries of fashion and film, this biennial  culture show highlights the rich and vibrant array of costumes and fashions that have graced the silver screen.  Adding  cinematic edge and visual impact and allure, fashion and costume is an invaluable element in creating the right atmosphere for the era portrayed.


This year the focus is on the work of one of France’s most iconic and innovative filmmakers: Marcel L’Herbier. An ‘architect’ of film, he collaborated with the likes of Alberto Cavalcanti, Robert Delauney, Fernand Leger and Lucien Lelong to bring together the various creative crafts of costume design, set design and make-up in the hope of elevating cinema to a new art form.  An avant-garde figure in the world of film during the vibrant cultural milieu of inter-war Paris, his films will be showcased in this year’s festival which paying homage to some of his classic silent films.

We particularly recommend: L’ARGENT (1928) which brings Emile Zola’s deuxieme empire novel to the screen in the era of Art Deco and has live musical accompaniment.


10 MAY 2013


Location: BFI Southbank, NFT3
Date & Time: 10 May 2013 – 18:30
Directed By: Marcel L’Herbier
Programme: Marcel L’Herbier: Fabricating Dreams
11 MAY 2013


Location: Ciné Lumière
Date & Time: 11 May 2013 – 14:00
Directed By: Marcel L’Herbier
Programme: Marcel L’Herbier: Fabricating Dreams
12 MAY 2013

Le Parfum de la dame en noir

Location: Ciné Lumière
Date & Time: 12 May 2013 – 14:00
Directed By: Marcel L’Herbier
Programme: Marcel L’Herbier: Fabricating Dreams
Introduced by Mireille Beaulieu
13 MAY 2013

Le Vertige

Location: BFI Southbank, NFT3
Date & Time: 13 May 2013 – 18:15
Directed By: Marcel L’Herbier
Programme: Marcel L’Herbier: Fabricating Dreams
Introduced by Nick Rees-Roberts
14 MAY 2013

Your Guide to the Fashions of the Future

Location: The Horse Hospital
Date & Time: 14 May 2013 – 19:00
Programme: Marcel L’Herbier: Fabricating Dreams
Hosted by Ken Hollings and Marketa Uhlirova
15 MAY 2013

Claude Autant-Lara

Location: BFI Southbank, NFT3
Date & Time: 15 May 2013 – 18:10
Programme: Marcel L’Herbier: Fabricating Dreams
Claude Autant-Lara: from the Inter-war Avant-Garde to New Wave Pariah. An Illustrated lecture by Sarah Leahy
16 MAY 2013

Le Vertige

Location: BFI Southbank, NFT3
Date & Time: 16 May 2013 – 20:30
Directed By: Marcel L’Herbier
Programme: Marcel L’Herbier: Fabricating Dreams
17 MAY 2013

Looking at L’Herbier: French Modernism Between the Wars

Location: Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, LVMH Lecture Theatre.
Date & Time: 17 May 2013 – 14:00 – 18:00
Programme: Marcel L’Herbier: Fabricating Dreams
Symposium organised by Caroline Evans
18 MAY 2013


Location: Barbican
Date & Time: 18 May 2013
Directed By: Marcel L’Herbier
Programme: Marcel L’Herbier: Fabricating Dreams
Introduced by Caroline Evans
19 MAY 2013


Location: BFI Southbank, NFT3
Date & Time: 19 May 2013 – 15:50
Directed By: Marcel L’Herbier
Programme: Marcel L’Herbier: Fabricating Dreams


Rendez-Vous with French Cinema 4-7th April 2013

[youtube id=”sj5YTBr5jyo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Rendez-Vous with French Cinema, the annual showcase of the best in contemporary French film, takes place at Curzon Soho and Ciné Lumière from April 4-7 and promises to be an exciting long weekend of French talent.

During 4 days, Rendez-Vous is an opportunity to discover some of the best of recent French productions and to get to know the actors and directors during the Q&As following each screening.


In the French region of Landes, near Bordeaux, marriages are arranged to merge land parcels and unite neighboring families. Thérèse Larroque becomes Mrs. Desqueyroux (Audrey Tatou). But her avant‐garde ideas clash with local conventions and she will resort to tragically extreme measures to break out of the bourgeois lifestyle imposed on her…Claude Miller’s film was a big hit at Cannes 2012 and also stars Anais Demoustier (Elles)  and Gilles Lellouche.

Audrey Tatou (Coco Before Chanel) will be attending a Q&A at the Curzon Soho on April 5th at 6.00pm 


Set in fifties France, Berenice Bejo (The Artist) and Romain Duris (Heartbreaker) star in this tale about a simple girl from Normandy who gets noticed because of her special skill….It’s a French Dr Dolittle from Director, Regis Ronsard.

Screening April 4th at 6.15 at the Curzon Soho and April 5th 8.15pm at the Cine-Lumiere with Q&A with Romain Duris, Regis Ronsard and Berenice Bejo.




Fabrice Luchini (In the House) plays a grumpy, retired actor living in the Ile de Re who’s offered the chance to return to the stage once more as Moliere’s Misantrope. Also stars Lambert Wilson.

Director, Philippe Le Guay will be in on stage to answer questions after the screening at the Cine Lumiere on April 6th 2013.


In 1915 Pierre Auguste Renoir is living out his twilight years in the luscious landscape of Provence when a beautiful model (Christa Theret) ignites his passions and those of his son Jean Renoir who arrives back from the First World War.

Christa Theret, Michel Bouquet and Vincent star in the Gilles Bourdas’s film which will screen at the Curzon Soho on April 6th at 6.00pm and April 7th, 6.15pm at the Cine-Lumiere.  A Q&A with the director and Christa Theret will follow.


A delightful animated story for children about a 10-year-old Maki’s adventures with an orphaned giraffe from Remi Bezancon and Jean-Christophe Lie

Screening at the Curzon Soho on Sunday April 7th with Q&A with Remi Bezancon.


Joachim Lafosse’s troubling tale of a mixed race marriage between a charming French girl (Emilie Dequenne) and her Moroccan beau (Tahir Rahim) and his controlling family headed by Niels Arestrup (You Will Be My Son).

Q&A with Joachim Lafosse to follow the screening at the Curzon Soho on April 7th at 6.15 pm.

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