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The Ghost Train (1941)
Apr 22, 2024
Dir: Walter Forde | Writers: Arnold Ridley, J.O.C. Orton Val Guest | Cast: Arthur Askey, Richard Murdoch, Kathleen Harrison | UK Comedy Gainsborough Studios long seemed to have held a predilection...
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Rings on her Fingers (1942) Gene Tierney Season 2024
Mar 25, 2024
Dir: Rouben Mamoulian | Cast: Henry Fonda, Gene Tierney, Laird Cregar, Shepperd Strudwick A | US Comedy drama 86’ Dismissed by Rouben Mamoulian as "the least important of my films", Rings...
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Way of a Gaucho (1952)
Mar 21, 2024
Dir: Jacques Tourneur | Rory Calhoun, Gene Tierney | Western Drama 97’ Jacques Tourneur arrived in Argentina to make this late addition to Hollywood's good neighbour policy a bit too early...
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The Sorcerers (1967)
Mar 18, 2024
Dir: Michael Reeves | Cast: Boris Karloff, Elizabeth Ercy, Catherine Lacey, Ian Ogilvy, Susan George | UK Horror Among films over which the Grim Reaper casts a long shadow pride of...
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Aus einem Deutschen Leben | Death is my Trade (1977)
Mar 13, 2024
Dir: Theodor Kotulla | Cast: Gotz George, Elisabeth Schwarz, Kai Taschner, Hans Korte | Biographical Thriller, Germany 145' Erroneously described on YouTube as a “WW2 War Film’, this adaptation of Robert...
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The Proud Ones (1956)
Mar 6, 2024
Dir: Robert D Webb | Cast: Robert Ryan, Virginia Mayo, Jeffrey Hunter | US Western Drama The great Akira Kurosawa was often said to be the most western of Japanese...
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Andre Simonoviescz | In Loving Memory | 2013-2023
Mar 5, 2024
Andre (far right) with Derek Malcolm and Meredith Taylor | photo credit: Charles Rubinstein | Venice 2018...
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Skanderberg (1953)
Feb 21, 2024
Dir: Sergei Yutkevich | War drama 120’ Seventy years after its release this film stands testament to the brief honeymoon between Albania and the Soviet Union between the death of Stalin...
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Kinoteka (2024) London Polish Film Festival 2024
Feb 15, 2024
The Kinoteka Polish Film Festival is back for a 22th edition running from 6 March until 28 March and celebrating the latest in Polish arthouse film and cult classics. World-famous filmmakers:...
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