Luzzu (2021)
May 20, 2022
Dir/Wri: Alex Camilleri | Cast: Jesmark Scicluna, Marlene Schranz, David Scicluna, Marta Vella | Drama 94' Fisherman all over the world are under pressure in what is surely one of the...
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Photograph (2019)
Mar 26, 2022
Dir:Wri: Ritesh Batra | India, 110' See Mumbai and slowly fall in love. Seems like a dream but it’s a dream come true in Ritesh Batra's latest drama that sees two...
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Flee (2021)
Feb 7, 2022
Dir: Jonas Poher Rasmussen | With: Daniel Karimyar, Fardin Mijdzadeh, Milad Eskanderi, Belal Faiz | Denmark, Animated drama, 90' Based on real events, this noirish gay awakening story blends new beginnings...
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Sundance Film Festival 2022
Jan 30, 2022
Sundance 2022 once again followed the ongoing festival trend in this increasingly pandemic prone era: "festival-goers" were forced to peer into their home screens to watch the selection, rather than enjoying...
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Sundance Film Festival 2022 | 20-30 January 2022
Jan 1, 2022
SUNDANCE is the first major film festival of the year; a true indie festival coming to you from snowy Utah courtesy of its founder Robert Redford. Setting the benchmark for...
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Shiva Baby (2020)
Jun 4, 2021
Dir.: Emma Seligman; Cast: Rachel Sennott, Polly Draper, Fred Melamed, Molly Gordon, Danny Deferrari, Dianna Agron; USA 2020, 77min. Rachel Sennott is the star turn in Emma Seligman's inspired featured debut...
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End of Sentence (2019)
May 6, 2021
Dir: Elfar Adalsteins | Cast: John Hawkes, Logan Lerman, Sarah Bolger, Olafur Darri Olafsson | US, Drama 97' There's a dicey moment in the opening scenes of this road movie when a...
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Mayday (2021) Sundance 2021
Feb 2, 2021
Dir: Karen Cinorre | Cast: Grace Van Patten, Mia Goth, Juliette Lewis, Sam Levy, Soko, Havana Rose Liu, Lucas Joaquin | US, 2021, 90' Sumptuously shot in Croatia, Karen Cinorre's action...
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Wild Indian (2020) Sundance Film Festival 2021
Feb 1, 2021
Dir.: Lyle Mitchell Corbine jr.; Cast: Michael Greueyes, Chaske spencer, Julian Gopal, Scott Haze, Kate Bosworth, Jesse Eisenberg; USA 2021, 90 min. 1980s Wisconsin provides the setting for this atmospheric thriller...
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