San Sebastian Film Festival

Le Lyceen (2022) San Sebastián Film Festival 2022
Sep 24, 2022
Dir/wri: Christophe Honore | Cast: Juliette Binoche, Christophe Honore, Xavier Giannoli, Vincent Lacoste, Paul Kircher | France, Drama 122' Juliette Binoche stars alongside Christophe Honore, who writes, directs and appears briefly...
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Something You Said Last Night (2022) San Sebastián Film Festival
Sep 18, 2022
Dir/Wri.: Luis de Filippis; Cast: Carmen Madonia, Ramona Milano, Paige Evans, Joe Parro; Canada/Switzerland 2022, 96 min. This first feature for writer/director Luis de Filippis is an exercise in style. A...
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Daughter of Rage (2022) San Sebastián Film Festival 2022
Sep 16, 2022
Dir/Wri.: Laura Baumeister: Cast: Ara Alejandra Medal, Virginia Sevilla, Carlos Gutierrez, Noe Hernandez, Diana Sedano; Nicaragua 2022, 90 min. An eleven year-old girl is forced to make a living on Nicaragua's...
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Trenque Lauguen (2022)
Sep 14, 2022
Dir: Laura Citarella | Cast: Laura Paredes, Ezequiel Pierri, Rafael Spregelburd, Elisa Carricajo, Veronica Llinas, Juliana Muras, Argentina, Drama | 2 x 120' Taking its name from a sparsely populated town...
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Summer of 85 (2020) Mubi
Aug 15, 2022
Dir|Wri: Francois Ozon. France, Romcom, 100' This upbeat breezy retro teenage love story is set in seaside Normandy over six weeks in the summer of Summer Of 85. As usual Ozon doesn't...
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So Help Me God (2017) Netflix
Apr 19, 2022
Dirs: Jean Libon, Yves Hinant | Doc | Belgium/France | 100' This shocking trawl through the daily casebooks of a plucky Belgian judge reveals a catalogue of sexual depravity, murder and...
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Playground (2021)
Apr 18, 2022
Die: Laura Wandel | Drama, Belgium, 62' Bullying and the casual cruelty of children is the focus of this schoolground psychological thriller - Belgian’s Oscar hopeful in next year’s academy award....
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Prayers for the Stolen (2021)
Apr 7, 2022
    Dir/Wri: Tatiana Huezo | Cast: Ana Cristina Ordonez Gonzalez, Marya Membreno, Norma Pablo, Mayra Batalla, Eileen Yanez, Emeo Villegas Olivia Lagunas | Drama 100' A lush and haunting tale of friendship...
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Azor (2021) San Sebastián 2021
Sep 20, 2021
Dir: Andreas Fontana | Cast: Fabrizio Rongione, Stephanie Cleau, Gilles Privat, Elli Medeiros, Carmen Iriondo, Pablo Torre Nilson, Ignazio Vila, Juan Trench, Juan Pablo Geretto| Argentina, Switzerland, 99' Another sophisticated Argentine...
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