E.1027 – Eileen Gray and the House by the Sea (2024)
Mar 20, 2024
Director: Beatrice Minger | Co-directed by Christoph Schaub | Written by Beatrice Minger in collaboration with Christoph Schaub | With: Natalie Radmall-Quirke, Alex Moustache, Charles Morillon | Switzerland 2024 |...
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The Last Seagull (2023) CPH:DOX
Mar 29, 2023
Dir: Tonislav Hristov | Finland, Doc with Ivan | 79' Writer director Tonislav Hristov offers more insight into his native Bulgaria with this melancholic look at last chances and dwindling communities...
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Lynx Man (2023) CPH:DOX special mention Nordic:Dox award 2023
Mar 22, 2023
Dir: Juha Suonpaa | Doc, Finland 80' Until fairly recently the wild lynx was in danger of extinction. This astonishing cinematic documentary follows Hannu (Hannibal) Rantala whose interest in the elusive animal came...
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Motherland (2023) CPH:DOX Winner Dox Award
Mar 22, 2023
Dir.: Hanna Badziaka, Alexander Mihalkovich; Documentary with Swetlana Korzhych; Swe/Nor/Ukraine 2023, 94 min Belarus has been taking the rap in the media recently for the harsh regime of its dictator Aleksandr Lukashenko,...
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The Other Profile (2023) CHP:DOX 2023
Mar 21, 2023
Dir.: Armel Hostiou, Cremix Onana Genda Cristo; Documentary with Areml Hostiou, Cremix Onanna Cristo, Peter Olela, Sarah Ndele, David Kapay; France 2022, 82 min. Ever wondered about those fake profiles on...
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Cyborg: a documentary (2023) | CPH:DOX
Mar 18, 2023
Dir.: Carey Born; Documentary with Neil Harbisson, Moon Ribas, Adam Montandon, Ophelia Dero, Manuel Munoz; UK/US/Spain/Germany 2023, 87 min. Colour-blind artist Neil Harbisson is the subject of a new documentary premiering...
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Electric Malady (2022)
Feb 24, 2023
Dir.: Marie Lidén; Documentary with William Hendeberg; UK 2021, 85 min. Radiation from mobile phones, electrical devices and pylons now affects around 3% of the World's population, according to WHO. In her...
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Hide and Seek (2021)
Jan 18, 2023
Dir.: Victoria Fiore; Documentary; UK/Italy 2021,85 min. In the back streets of Naples' 'Spanish Quarter', Entoni dreams of Gomorra. First time filmmaker Victoria Firore follows into teenaghood charting his descent into juvenile...
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Under the Sky Shelter (2022) Viennale
Oct 23, 2022
Dir: Diego Acosta | Doc, Chile 68' The past collides with the future in this provocative pastorale shot in refreshing black and white. It follows Chilean shepherd Don Cucho on a...
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