The Unseen (2017)

November 7th, 2017
Author: Meredith Taylor

Dir.: Gary Sinyor; Cast: Jasmine Hyde, Richard Flood, Simon Cotton; UK, 108′

Director/writer Gary Sinyor, best known for his debut feature Leon the Pig Farmer (1992), fails to breathe life into a strong premise in his psychodrama exploring the aftermath of tragedy for a bereaved couple whose son drowns in their swimming pool. Married couple Gemma (Hyde) and Will (Flood) blame themselves, their grief manifesting in the usual psychosomatic ways, but when their friend Paul steps into help, inviting them to his B&B in the Lake District, he becomes more the problem rather than the solution in this skimpy, poorly-acted, attempt at slick arthouse horror. Gemma’s blurred vision and the forced happy ending will send you away with a sick headache rather than a feeling of satisfaction. MT.


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