The Swimmer (1968)

May 8th, 2023
Author: Meredith Taylor

Dir: Frank Perry | Cast: Burt Lancaster, Janet Langard, Janice Rule, Tony Bickley, Marge Champion | US Drama 95′

A man spends a summer’s day swimming as many pools as he can in a quiet suburban town in this cult classic that Burt Lancaster called the favourite of his career

A nightmare drenched in beautiful Connecticut locations in glorious sunlight, this review is for those reeling from the devastating ending and wondering what THAT was all about!

My mother’s typically astute interpretation which seems to hit the nail on the head was that Lancaster suffered some catastrophe that cost him his job and his marriage, had a nervous breakdown and one day wandered out of the sanatorium where he’d spent the last couple of years unaware that time had passed; hence the ambivalent response of everyone he meets to see him. @RicharfChatten


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