Elizabeth: A Portrait in Parts (2021)

May 24th, 2022
Author: Meredith Taylor

Dir: Roger Michell | Doc, 89′

In 2022, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her reign of 70 years on the occasion of the “Platinum Jubilee” this June 2022. Bringing together incredible archives, joyful, uplifting and mischievous, Michell creates  an amusingly edited memoire from the archives in celebration of a much loved and treasured monarch – just before he died last September. Elizabeth is a nostalgic, playful, fresh and modern chronicle of the woman who has spent the most time as a Head of State.”To us teenagers she was a babe” croons Paul McCartney reflecting on the time The Queen visited Liverpool.

IN CINEMAS on 27 May 2022 | PRIME VIDEO on 1 June 2022

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