The Prey (2011) La Proie

July 10th, 2012
Author: Meredith Taylor

Director: Eric Valette

DOP: Vincent Mathias                                                                 

104mins French subtitles    Action Crime Thriller

The French really know how to make a cracking good thriller and this one is a deft combo of slick prison drama and serial killer road movie.  Supported by the strong script, the able and attractive cast of Albert Dupontel (Franck), Caterina Murino (his wife), and Stephane Debac (Jean-Louis Morel) further add to your viewing pleasure along with a sinister turn from Sergi Lopez (Harry He’s Here to Help) as a disfigured ex-cop thrown in for a good measure.  Even the voice-over has a seductive burr. The action revolves around Franck who is completing a prison sentence for robbery and sharing a cell with soon-to-be- released suspected paedophile Jean-Louis Morel to whom he has shared the secret location of his stash. Both his wife and ex-partner have their eyes on the money but when Lopez reveals that Jean-Louis Maurel is actually a serial killer Franck effects a spectacular escape to save both his fortune, his daughter and his life.  This glossy low-budgeter gets a tad bogged down in detail on the way but if you’re looking for solid Saturday night entertainment it certainly delivers the goods.

Meredith Taylor ©


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