The Leather Boys (1964)

May 6th, 2023
Author: Meredith Taylor

Dir: Sidney Furie | Cast: Rita Tushingham, Colin Campbell | Drama

‘The Leather Boys’ can still raise eyebrows for it’s pioneering depiction of a nice young lad who finds that he prefers the company of Dudley Sutton to his shrewish little wife played by Rita Tushingham..

Well before he hit the big time with ‘The Ipcress File’ Sydney J. Furie, the new boy from Canada, had already demonstrated himself a director of bewildering versatility with his work ranging from ‘X’-rated shockers like this to Cliff Richard musicals.

In the former category ‘The Leather Boys’ attracted particular notoriety when as a casualty of the industry crisis of 1963-64 it took over a year to obtain a circuit release, which earned it a place on Terence Kelly’s list of ‘martyred’ films on page 35 of his book ‘A Competitive Cinema’.¬†All in all a perfect candidate for Talking Pictures. @RichardChatten


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