Take This Waltz (2012)

August 14th, 2012
Author: Meredith Taylor

Director  Sarah Polley

Seth Rogan, Michelle Williams, Jake Kirby, Sarah Silverman

117 mins      Arthouse romantic comedy










After success with her debut “Away From Her” Canadian director Sarah Polley offers this colourful and unflinching portrait of Margot, a vapid twentysomething who drifts through life waiting for something to happen.  Husband and cookery writer Lou (Seth Rogan) is a stabilising influence while Margot experiments with writing and dabbles in a slow-burning flirtation with sultry neighbour Daniel (Luke Kirby) eventually coming face to face with her own emptiness.  There’s plenty of fun and frolics with her girlfriends from full frontal nudity at a cringeworthy poolside scene to threesomes with Daniel once she’s thrown in the towel. Polley’s clever script offers plenty of insights and Michelle Williams’ delicately nuanced performance makes Margot appear more interesting and multi-layered than her character actually is.  Despite all this, the arthouse vibe feels suffocating and unreal and you come away feeling nothing for the characters accept possibly Seth Rogan’s grumpily honest ‘good guy’ Lou.  Take This Waltz shows that while you can’t be loved-up every day in a marriage you do need a real life and a focus to bring to the table; not just chicken and babyish chitchat.

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