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My French Film Festival 2024

Now in its 14th year, MyFrenchFilmFestival shines a spotlight on a new generation of French-language filmmakers and gives audiences around the world the chance to share their love of French cinema


JANE B. FOR AGNÈS V. (1987) directed by Agnès Varda 

In this kaleidoscopic film made of various fragments of fictions, over various seasons, Jane Birkin plays various roles, including her own, with humour. 

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JUNKYARD DOG (2023) directed by Jean-Baptiste Durand 

Childhood friends Dog and Mirales’ relationship is upended when Elsa arrives in their small village in the South of France, but as romance blossoms for Dog, jealousy eats away at Mirales. 

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POLARIS (2022) directed by Ainara Vera 

Two sisters, one an expert sailor navigating the Arctic, are compelled to overcome fate and join forces; their journey guided by the polar star. 

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MY SOLE DESIRE (2022) directed by Lucie Borleteau 

Have you ever been to a strip club? But you’ve already wanted to – at least once – you didn’t dare, that’s all. This film tells the story of someone who dared. 

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NO DOGS OR ITALIANS ALLOWED (2022) directed by Alain Ughetto 

Alain Ughetto’s stop-motion animation tells the autobiographical story of his family’s exile from Northern Italy at the start of the 20th century. 

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SPARE KEYS (2022) directed by Jeanne Aslan and Paul Saintillan 

Sophie, 15, jumps at the chance to get the spare keys to her wealthy friend Jade’s house. A poetic, funny, and memorable first feature. 

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STAMPEDE (2022) directed by Joelle Desjardins Paquette 

When 9-year-old Lily is taken by her father on a surprise road trip to a truck-racing rodeo in far west of Canada, she soon realises she’s on a bigger adventure than she first thought. 

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SUPER DRUNK (2023) directed by Bastien Milheau 

While rummaging through her father’s wine cellar for bottles, Janus and Sam discover a strange machine. 

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THE BEAST IN THE JUNGLE (2023) directed by Patric Chiha 

From 1979 to 2004 – from disco to techno – a man and woman frequent a huge nightclub in anticipation of a mysterious event. 

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THE GREEN PERFUME (2022) directed by Nicolas Pariser 

An actor finds himself embroiled in a shadowy conspiracy in Nicolas Pariser’s stunning combination of espionage, theatre, and the graphic novel. 

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MY FRENCH FILM FESTIVAL | ON BFI PLAYER | January 19th – February 19th 2024

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