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The Bird (2011) (L’Oiseau)

Director/screenwriter: Yves Caumon

Cast:  Sandrine Kimberlain, Clement Sibony, Bruno Todeschini

France. 94mins   French with English subtitles    DramaLOISEAU2

Spare on dialogue but easy on the eye, this enigmatic film set around Bordeaux tells of Anne (Sandrine Kimberlain) who works as a chef although we never actually never get to see her cooking.  She is reserved with colleagues but one of them takes a fancy to her even though she resists his constant advances.  Raphael (Clement Sibony) is drop-dead gorgeous but Anne needs to be alone to process her feelings of grief over a tragic past.  The delicately emerging story, gentle camera work and subtle performances are what makes this film a really touching portrait of a woman in crisis.

Meredith Taylor c


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