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Shadow Dancer (2012)

Director/Writer: James Marsh

Cast: Andrea Riseborough, Clive Owen, Aidan Gillen, Brid Brennan, Gillian Anderson

101mins  Thriller

Andrea Riseborough is well cast as Colette, a mother and IRA member in 1990s Belfast who is forced to become a double agent for MI5 during an aborted bomb attempt.  Torn between her family and the political set-up she gradually falls for Clive Owen as detective Mac and they become emotionally involved in a slow-burning love affair.  Andrea Riseborough strikes just the right note of seriousness and vulnerability and Clive Owen’s subtlely nuanced performance as an MI5 professional whose credentials are called into question by his feelings is well-pitched and believable. Atmospheric visuals, authentic interiors and fine attention to the historical context make this a gripping and suspenseful feature from director and writer James Marsh who is best known for his documentaries Man on Wire and Project Nim.

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