Sunset Boulevard (1950)

June 19th, 2024
Author: Meredith Taylor

Dir: Billy Wilder | Cast: William Holden, Gloria Swanson, Erich von Stroheim, Nancy Olson | US Drama 110′

Hollywood in its heyday is now so far removed it’s practitioners have long since passed on; but when Billy Wilder wrote Sunset Boulevard it was still very much a thriving concern in which luminaries of yesteryear like Cecil B. DeMille, Max von Stroheim and Buster Keaton (who later admitted he never saw the film) were still active.

Writers at the time came very low in Hollywood’s pecking order but their facility with words frequently gave them literally the last word. Wilder had arrived in town as one those proverbial “schmucks with Remingtons”, but by the time he made Sunset Boulevard the tables had well and truly turned and he was in a position to unload the baggage that had long built up and pillory the money men that had so blighted his life in his salad days. @RichardChatten


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