On the Go (2023) Locarno Film Festival 2023

August 8th, 2023
Author: Meredith Taylor

Dir: Maria Gisèle Royo, Julia de Castro | Spain, Drama 72′

Two friends set off for one last hurrah in this erotic roadie reverie, shot entirely on 16mm, from Spanish co-directors Maria Gisèle Royo and Julia de Castro who have explored their own maternal instincts and come to the conclusion that their first feature is the ultimate form of giving birth.

The sexually adventurous Milagros (Julia de Castro), 37, is keen to make the most of her final fertile years in a frantic search for a male of the species. Jonathan (Omar Ayuso), still in his early twenties, is seeking solace in Grindr, scrolling through potential penises in a bid to find the perfect mate to overcome his vulnerability issues. The two are joined by a mysterious Asian Babe who calls herself La Reina de Triana (Chacha Huang) and whose only desire is to become a traditional housewife and look after her husband and kids.

So off they go along the sandy coastlines of Andalusia – from Malaga to Cadiz – in a stylish white decapotable. This unbridled and often ill-considered odyssey comes to represent their atavistic need to procreate: The mates they yearn in this scattergun search may be entirely unsuitable but the chemical drive to replicate ourselves has nothing to do with reason. The notion that we are any freer in the 21st century than we were in the Dark Ages is just a myth. Our three protagonists are all the victims of their biology and physicals drives, and they are acting on these forces in weird and wonderful ways. On The Go is a spirited and often misfiring attempt to portray this heady time on the big screen.  MT


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