Like Crazy (2011)

January 25th, 2012
Author: Meredith Taylor

Anton Yelchin, Felicity Jones, Alex Kingston.

Written and Directed by Drake Doremus

USA 2011 90mins

This sweet and schmaltzy tale of young love across a time zone is zingingly authentic and guaranteed to melt the hardest heart with its lovely visuals and playful style.

English girl Anna (Felicity Jones) and Californian boy Jacob (Anton Yelchin) meet as gawky but emotionally secure creative students in LA.  Pretty soon they are dating and planning an uncertain future.  Their bond is put to the test against the vagaries of US immigration and love rivals in the shape of Jennifer Lawrence and Charlie Bewley.  Pitch perfect performances have an intimate yet improvised feel. Subtle but raw, with brilliant support from onscreen parents Alex Kingston and Oliver Muirhead, this genuine portrait of first love with a grown-up ending is told with insight and flair. MT



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