August Bank Holiday 2012 – Latest from the arthouse scene

August 22nd, 2012
Author: Meredith Taylor

Just in time for the Bank Holiday wet weekend there’s plenty to see on the big screen. The long-awaited IRA espionage thriller Shadow Dancer from Oscar-winning director James Marsh finally hits cinemas this Friday.  Starring Andrea Riseborough (Made in Dagenham), Clive Owen (Croupier) and Gillian Anderson (The X Files), it’s a gripping and atmospheric British drama that exposes the emotional fault lines of two people, an MI5 operative and an IRA informant in nineties Belfast. See review for showtimes.



77_IMP_Frederic_InterviewThe Imposter is a spin-chilling “film-experience’ and Director Bart Layton’s extraordinary debut feature.  A true-crime documentary with a noirish psychological twist, it explores the sinister aftermath of the real-life kidnapping of a young boy in San Antonio, Texas in 1994.

The Imposter is showing at the Everyman and Vue Cinemas throughout town from Friday.

The BFI continues its retrospective with F for Fake, Orson Welles’ innovative masterpiece and documentary about fraud and fakery, directed in the last decade of his life and starring himself in the leading role – who else!   Showing at the BFI and ICA London from the 24th August 2012

And finally Maryam Keshavarz debut is a forbidden love-story from Iran. “Circumstance” is a coming of age drama focusing on a lesbian relationship and won best audience award at Sundance this year.  See reviews for listings.

Shireen Arshadi and               

Nikohi Boosheri star in

Circumstance (2011)





And still showing……………….

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