Flame and Citron (Flamen Citronen)

January 28th, 2012
Author: Meredith Taylor

Director Ole Christian Madsen

Thure Lindhardt, Mads Mikkelsen, Stine Stengade, Peter Mygind

2008 132 mins  Cert 15

Denmark, 1944 and the Second World War is drawing to a close. Nazi troups have moved into Copenhagen and two resistance fighters are working undercover to flush out Nazi informers: they are Flame (Thure Lindhardt) and Citron (Mads Mikkelsen)

With superb haircuts and a great line in tailoring they are fearlessly dedicated to fighting for their country. They are also old friends, passionate romantics and capable of acts of extreme courage and skill with a wide range of firearms. In short these are real men.

Flame, so called because of his shock ginger hair, meets mysterious blond, Ketty (Stine Stengade) in a bar one night. His suspicions are aroused when she uses his codename and when they get back to her room it turns out that shes not only a brunette but also a courier for the other side .

They fall in love and Flame is then given orders to execute her as word has it that shes a double agent. Meanwhile Citron is grappling with the breakdown of his marriage, another casualty of the War.

Their freedom fighting is eventually hampered by poor intelligence information and it becomes increasingly difficult to know who is on their side.

This stylish film noir is beautiful to watch and absolutely riveting from start to finish. There are moments of shocking violence and poignant sadness especially in the dying moments of the film.

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