The Gold-Laden Sheep & the Sacred Mountain (2018)
Oct 17, 2022
Dir: Ridham Janve | India, drama | 97' A mysterious "Sacred Mountain" in the Himalayas is the focus of Ridham Janve's seductive first feature that won the Silver Gateway award at...
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Mighty Flash (2021)
Sep 12, 2022
Dir: Ainhoa Rodrigues | Spain, Fantasy Drama 90' Life in Southern Spain hasn’t changed much for the God-fearing and deeply suspicious repressed but dying to burst out from their in rural...
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Madalena (2021) Mubi
Feb 4, 2022
Dir: Madiano Marcheti | Thriller Brazil 85' More transexuals are killed in Brazil than anywhere else in the world and this sobering thought provides the touchstone to Madiano Marcheti's assured feature...
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EAMI (2022) Rotterdam Film Festival – Tiger Award Winner
Jan 30, 2022
Dir.: Paz Encina; Cas:Anel Picanerai, Curia Chiquejno Etacoro; Ducubaide Chiquenoi, Basui Picanerai Etacori,, Lucas Etacori | Paraguay/USA/Ger/Ned/Argentina/France 2022, 86 min. When it comes to deforestation Paraguay is the world's worst affected...
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Rotterdam Film Festival | Retrospectives 2022
Jan 29, 2022
A retrospective in this year's Rotterdam Film Festival is dedicated to China's Qiu Jiongjiong, one of the world' most innovative artists and filmmakers, with a series of films and an...
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Yamabuki (2022) Rotterdam International Film Festival
Jan 26, 2022
Dir.: Juichiro Yamasaki; Cast: Kang Yoon-Soo, Kilala Inori, Yohta Kawase, Misa Wada; Japan/France 2022, 96 min. Japanese writer/director Juichiro Yamasaki has set this fraught drama in his hometown of Minawa, a...
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Black Medusa (2021) Mubi
Jan 25, 2022
Dir: Ismael & Youssef Chebbi | Drama, Tunisia, 95' The Black Medusa Nada is in some ways emblematic of her home town of Tunis in this enigmatic fantasy thriller portrait of...
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Liborio (2021) Mubi
Jan 24, 2022
Dir: Nino Martinez Sosa | Dominican Rep Drama 99' A violent hurricane in the tropical jungles of the Dominican Republic in the early years of the 20th century is the catalyst for transformation...
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Friends and Strangers (2021)
Nov 7, 2021
Dir/Wri: James Vaughan | Cast: Emma Diaz, Victoria Maxwell, Fergus Wilson, Greg Zimbulis | Australia, Comedy drama 82' Sydney is the setting for this filmic breath of fresh air from promising...
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