Venice Film Festival

Hit Man (2023)
May 26, 2024
Dir. Richard Linklater. US.Comedy 2023. 113mins Gary Johnson seems like just another dorky divorcee with his cats and Honda civic. But life is turned upside down when he takes on a...
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Evil Does not Exist (2023)
Mar 27, 2024
Dir/Wri: Ryusuke Hamaguchi | Cast: Hitoshi Omika, Ryo Nishikawa, Ryuji Kosaka, and Ayaka Shibutani | Japan Drama 115' Japanese auteur Ryusuke Hamaguchi came to Venice Film Festival last year with another...
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The Origin of Evil (2022)
Mar 22, 2024
Dir/Wri: Sebastian Marnier | Cast: Suzanne Clement, Laure Calamy, Doria Tillier, Dominique Blanc, Jacques Weber | Drama. 125' Sebastian Marnier's stolen identity thriller is a bizarrre and curiously compelling film set...
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Poor Things (2023) Academy Award for Best Actress
Mar 11, 2024
Dir: Yorgos Lanthimos | Cast: Emma Stone, Willem Dafoe, Mark Ruffalo, Margaret Qualley, Christopher Abbott, Ramy Youssef, Jerrod Carmichael, Kathryn Hunter | Fantasy Drama 141' Poor Things, Yorgos Lanthimos’ latest offering...
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The Promised Land (2023)
Jan 28, 2024
Dir: Nicolaj Arcel | Cast: Mads Mikkelsen, Amanda Collin, Simon Bennebjerg, Melina Hagberg, Kristine Kujath Thorp, Gustav Lindh, Søren Malling, Morten Hee Andersen, Magnus Krepper, Thomas W. Gabrielsson, Laura Bilgrau...
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Maestro (2023)
Dec 20, 2023
Dir: Bradley Cooper | Cast: Carey Mulligan, Bradley Cooper | US Biopic Drama 130' Leonard Bernstein was a world class conductor. He was also a conflicted personality. And this conflict lies...
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Monica (2022)
Dec 5, 2023
Dir.: Andrea Pallaoro; Cast: Tracey Lysette, Patricia Clarkson, Joshua Close; USA/Italy 2022, 110 min. Writer/director Andrea Pallaoro is back with a Lynchian riddle in the same enigmatic style and eerie atmosphere...
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The Eternal Daughter (2022)
Nov 18, 2023
Dir.: Joanna Hogg; Cast: Tilda Swinton, Joseph Mydell, Carlly-Sophia Davis; UK 2022, 96 min. Joanna Hogg envelopes personal memories in her latest film -a ghostly tale that echoes Henry James and...
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Explanation for Everything (2023) Viennale Film Festival 2023
Oct 19, 2023
Dir: Gabor Reisz | Cast: Gáspár Adonyi-Walsh, István Znamenák, András Rusznák, Rebeka Hatházi, Eliza Sodró, Lilla Kizlinger & Krisztina Urbanovits | Hungary, Drama The tensions of Hungary's polarised society come unexpectedly...
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