F*ck For Forest (2012) Kinoteka 2013

April 14th, 2013
Author: Meredith Taylor

Director/Screenplay: Michael Marczak

Cast/FFF Team: Leona Johansson, Tommy Holl Ellingsen, Natty Mandeau and Danny Devero.
86min ***  Documentary
F*ck For Forest is a registered Berlin charity. But don’t get too excited or offended by the title: it’s not a porn movie.
Michael Marczak’s offbeat documentary kicks off in a luxurious modern home in Bergen where we meet a competitive horse eventer launching into a diatribe about his dysfunctional family. Next is a half-naked girl singing discordantly on stage about animal welfare. All very seemly, so far.
Tommy is in a threesome relationship and living in a nudist flat with other hippy-type animal lovers in Berlin. Another nudist who wonders around a woodland location is claiming F*ck for Forest has saved him from a nervous breakdown.  All these bohemian youngsters have opted out of the mainstream and believe that their venture is worthy and worth pursuing. We see them having a (cleverly edited) orgy enboldened by plant-based psychedelic drugs with some female moaning ‘I vant to be alone’.

So this is  F*ck for Forest.  The aim of the salacious title is to raise funds for environmental causes by commissioning and selling amateur porn via the internet. And there’s nothing really new to say about the content as we could be in San Francisco in the sixties instead of Berlin in the 2012. But the salient point is that these shrewd operators have cottoned on to the fact that nowadays there are people keen to offer up their sexual antics or naked pictures as exhibitionists. It seems to satisfy a natural desire to be voyeurs and flaunt their assets in a cheeky display of pride with total strangers all over the World. But isn’t  this really an excuse just to have a big sexual jolly? They all believe they’re making a difference in a world that’s ceases to care.

The action moves on to the Amazon in South America and so rolicking naked in the rainforest is not a hardship in all that humid heat. The film’s production values are of good quality and the dialogue is frisky with foreign accents adding a twist of exotic authenticity as a hotchpotch of sexual predilections is aired to tightly edited snapshots of kissing, caressing and cavorting.  “Do you get jealous when I touch his dick?”, “Sometimes I have a desire for rough sex” are afew utterances bandied around as souls and bodies are laid bare.  It’s a romp but the local Amazon villagers are less amused and feel taken advantage of and diffident about trusting such a weird venture; albeit in the name of charity. MT

F*ck for Forest was the winner of the Best Feature Documentary at the Warsaw International Film Festival 2012 and screens as part of the 11TH KINOTEKA POLISH FILM FESTIVAL 2013  – 7-17TH MARCH

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